Annual meeting

Styrelse 2The time for SPARTACUS annual club meeting is coming closer, and we need to hear from all of you out there. We know that the club have a big and faithful fan base, and we are immensely humbled and proud of your support, but we also need your opinions and knowledge.

Good governance

A club’s board enables the organisation to be run effectively by applying good governance principles and practices. The board’s role is to govern and should not be involved in management or operational decision-making. The trend today is for sport clubs and associations to have far smaller boards with greater use of management committees.

Family member

This is where you come in. Whether you volunteer to participate in the board work or a committee, or if you can spare a few hours every now and then in the club house, doesn't matter, we want your help and company. There are many things and positions to fill in a club of SPARTACUS size, and what is better than to fill those positions with 'family members' that we already know and trust?


If you have the interest and time to get involved in the club, contact us through Henrik Lundquist 0704-208 421 or Peter Hermansson 0730-713 764