Spartacus seniors starts the season on Saturday May 18th in Lund against LUGI Lions. We have had a short chat with Alex Eliasson, Team Captain.

Alex what are your thoughts before we kick of the 2019 series?
-Excitement. We have been working hard this pre-season and this is when we put it to the test.
How has pre-season been?
- Pre-season has been hard but fun. Great atmosphere at the trainings with a lot of energy and good attendance.We are probably fitter than last year so that's a good starting point for us. Having the chance to play 3 games already in preperation for the series has been very helpful. 
What do you see that has improved from last year?
- Our platform and structure of play. 
Last year we had a general idea of how we wanted to play but didn't have a base to work from. Andy (Andy Stewart - Head coach) has brought with him not just great knowledge of the game, but also a platform and a game plan that works to our strengths which has been gradually taking form over this pre-season. The process been supported by Janne (Johansson) as player/coach, helping the team and especially the forwards to develop skills and style we want to play. 
What  expectations do we have on this season?
-To take more control of our games and dictate the way we want it to go.
We have worked on our mental skills, so that we will not lose our cool in the last 20 min. Of course the number one goal is to have fun and fight for each other. 
What can the spectators expect to see?
- A hard hitting team that wants to play the ball and attack the space with the whole team. A team that plays for each other.