The Svenska rugbyförbundet decided that due to a shortage of referees, all clubs that do not have their own referee will have to play their home games on a sunday. SPARTACUS was in deep water since 'Magic' Mike Edwards left Sweden to pursue a job back in England. But Mr Cormac O´brien, stepped up like he has so many times before, and took a ref. course to be our representative referee.

Alex Eliasson was quick to request new game days and the answer just came back. So instead of playing all our home games on a Sunday, we now only have 2 away games (due to VRK and Karlstad have not registered a referee.).

The season looks really good, and as it stands now, with well over 20 seniors on every training, we should be able to put together a really competitive team this year. And if you are thinking about playing this season, you'd better come down to training right now!